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I know it's considered old school nowadays, but I've been thinking of getting some targeted business cards printed up. Why? Well here's the scenario

I just put up a couple more patterns over at DinPattern. "Victorian Sunshine Border" and "Lotus Vases." I'm trying to get into the habit of creating at least a couple new patterns for you all every week. Does anyone have

I've finally gotten around to adding another pattern over at DinPattern. And this time around, I've included the .psd file, tile-able .gif and the raw .eps designed to color. Feel free to download and use for whatever. It's on page

Well holy cow. It’s been quite a week. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work, and have learned a ton of new stuff along the way. I’ve managed to move almost all of my sites over to Media Temple. It took a week, but I managed through it. For the past 6 years or so, my good buddy Mike has been hosting all of my sites and domains. I truly appreciate the time and energy he put in to help me get all of my sites live, and keep them going. Unfortunately though, relaunches with a completely fresh look, new UI and some nice flash toys. Go start a PickList and play around with the site.

I just signed on to re-design a non-profit website that requires some functionality that I’m unsure on how to produce. I’m looking for a developer that would want to help me out in a site that’s for a (very) good

The latest project I’ve been on, has launched and ready to be used. It’s a site that allows you to quickly add photos of your favorite things, bands, brands, movies, teams, and anything else into a flash slideshow that you can then display anywhere on the web.

Some of my patterns are available for purchase to wrap your iPod, PSP, xbox360 and other gadgets in. Patterns in use are Bones, Rosie, Humidor and Some Strong Coffee. Hopefully I’ll be able to get other patterns up as well. Take

Sorry all, i've been up to my eyeballs in work, and haven't had a chance to compile the first batch of patterns for download. I just realized that a few are missing (!), so i'm in the process of re-building

I will shortly be offering all of my patterns (well, most of them) from for web usage. You can also see some of the patterns right above in that great big image. The first set will have at least 30 patterns, including Humidor and Coaster, two of my favorites (I've had a lot of requests for Humidor usage). They will include .psd files of all patterns at 72 dpi, and will have tile-able, cropped versions as well. I still have yet to figure out a pricing plan for the set, so i'm just going to ask all of you. How much would you expect a pattern set like this to be sold for?