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Hey everyone, at my day job; we're in dire need of some freelance web designers/static CSS/HTML personnel. Basically, my team and I are overwhelmed and need some ongoing help. If interested, please email me at evan [at] or

A few weeks ago, I got a rather blunt email from Google telling me that they had shut down my Adsense account for fraudulent clicks and returned all advertiser money earned. At first I thought they had sent the email

I just put a few new patterns up at DinPattern. "Dirty Vintage" looks like rundown 70's wallpaper with some nice grungy orange hues. "Queen's Quilt" is a subtle, royal style pattern. And finally "Veerle!" which is a scale-style pattern based

There are few times where I recommend a movie to others. The last movies I got a real kick out of was Stardust and Bourne Ultimatum. But a few nights ago I saw a movie, and heard a soundtrack that

It's been quite some time since I watched any movie worth writing about. Well, in one week I've seen two DVDs that were a couple of the best flics I've seen in ages. "Stardust" and "Bourne Ultimatum." Jason Bourne has always

My latest theme; "Royal" is now available for download. It's another bare-bones style theme along the same lines as "Humidor" and "Gotham Nights." Feel free to hack it anyway you see fit; all that I request is that you keep

I just had a quick question for all of you. I'm hard at work on another WordPress template/theme and I'm pondering the user of a couple 3rd party plugins with it. Specifically "Related Posts" and possibly something else. What is your

I just got done wrapping up another theme called "Gotham Nights." This theme/template is a bit more basic in layout compared to Humidor, but has a nice little tabbed section to organize site content. It uses some jquery effects, and

One of the main reasons why I wanted to re-design this site, was to make the previous design available as a wordpress theme. That's right, the design that was seen in Smashing Magazine's "50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006" is now available as a theme for you to use. Feel free to edit it, add to, remove parts, whatever you see fit.

Download version 1 now »

Humidor screenshot

The theme has a lot of parts already built-in that can be edited pretty easily. For instance, one of the most popular elements of the design was the tabbed menu towards the top. By default, only the front page (home) tab is shown, but with some minor css and html tweaks, the image used for the tabs also has an "about," "contact," and "archives" tabs.