Author: Evan

My newest freebie wordpress theme is ready for download. This theme was designed with the main focus being on patterns and typography. It uses patterns from my pattern site; and comes in 5 flavors. I tried to make this theme

Even though I can't get to the theater much anymore due to having too many kids, I still try to keep up on movie news using sites like and general news sites with a movie section. The San Diego comic

Hey everyone, at my day job; we're in dire need of some freelance web designers/static CSS/HTML personnel. Basically, my team and I are overwhelmed and need some ongoing help. If interested, please email me at evan [at] or

A few weeks ago, I got a rather blunt email from Google telling me that they had shut down my Adsense account for fraudulent clicks and returned all advertiser money earned. At first I thought they had sent the email

I just put a few new patterns up at DinPattern. "Dirty Vintage" looks like rundown 70's wallpaper with some nice grungy orange hues. "Queen's Quilt" is a subtle, royal style pattern. And finally "Veerle!" which is a scale-style pattern based

There are few times where I recommend a movie to others. The last movies I got a real kick out of was Stardust and Bourne Ultimatum. But a few nights ago I saw a movie, and heard a soundtrack that

It's been quite some time since I watched any movie worth writing about. Well, in one week I've seen two DVDs that were a couple of the best flics I've seen in ages. "Stardust" and "Bourne Ultimatum." Jason Bourne has always

My latest theme; "Royal" is now available for download. It's another bare-bones style theme along the same lines as "Humidor" and "Gotham Nights." Feel free to hack it anyway you see fit; all that I request is that you keep