Author: Evan

Version 2.0 is finally here. I went ahead and redesigned into a wider, 3-column layout to allow more room for widgets and such. I had to ditch the old route of using pages, so they've been added into a new

So after a huge amount of demand; I'll be doing a massive update to the Notepad Chaos theme. I'll be adding new templates, dynamic sidebars, room for advertising space, and any extras and odds and ends I can think of. You'll

Stumbled upon this photo via ffffound, via ?. Would make a great customer support photo. Anyone know where this came from?

My latest theme, "Cellar Heat" just went live over at Smashing Magazine. I've devoted a domain to it, and can be previewed and found there. Check out the full write-up on the download page of the theme. This is probably going