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Born and raised in central California, this dude Evan spent all hours drawing and skateboarding.

He began teaching himself all things design during his High School years, and had dreams of doing 3D animation to make awesome movies. Quickly realizing he was terrible at animating and modeling, he found a groove doing this thing called web design and graphic art.

Fast forward a few decades, and he’s still doing it. And the skateboarding on occasion. Having worked in a bunch of startups, fortune 500’s, marketing departments and freelance situations, he’s honed his skills and likes to switch up creative mediums to keep sharp.

Design things he does:

  • Creative Direction
  • User Interface & Web Design
  • Digital Art & Illustration
  • Branding & Graphic Design

If you’re looking to get in touch for whatever reason, feel free to gimmie a shout.

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