Riot Font

Sep 4th, 2013


The font “Riot” is available for downloading. Font may be used for personal & commercial projects.
If used for commercial stuff, please consider donating some money.

Enter your email below (and optional name-your-price donation of $0 or more) and a download link will be sent to you. Thanks!

More fonts available at the shop:

  • Max

    I feel sooo bad to take this font with no donation but i cant use my parents bank accounts to donate Evan. Sorry again Max
    (You are also an inspiration to me in my high school Graphic Design course!)

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  • Eden


  • Andy

    Brilliant work, sorry that I can’t donate, I haven’t got a bank account atm.

  • tom

    I wish I could donate some money but I’m a broke student.. :/

  • Steve

    I will donate to you when I have money and that’s a promise

  • Love the fonts, I downloaded them all but am unable to donate at this point in time. Sorry.

  • At the moment im broke, but i will donate. I promise <3

  • Matt W

    I’m new to YT and I absolutely worship your work. Wish I had money to donate right now. If I ever get big you’re going to hear from me constantly.

  • Nice Font!

  • alex

    Love the fonts use them a lot. sorry unable to donate as off today will be soon!

  • Matt

    I know this sounds repetitive but I have only just turned 16 so I don’t have a job. I will donate one day, you inspired me to start doing art and hopefully one day I can be as good as you!

  • Matt

    I am sorry, I have only just turned 16 and so don’t have any source of income. I will donate soon, you are my inspiration and I want to repay you.

  • anthony

    Would donate if i was able to.

  • Harry

    the font wont install for me can someone link me so I can fix it

  • Sosuchu

    Hey Evan, I just recently found your work and I admire you greatly! Unfortunately right now I’m unable to donate for this font but as soon as payday rolls around I’ll see what I have spare 🙂 Many thanks

  • Zach Leonard

    So sorry I couldn’t donate at the moment, I haven’t got a card at the moment. But I promise in the near future I will donate.
    Great work as usual!!!

  • komet

    I’ve bought many things here, good work.

  • Kevin

    Sorry, I can not donate. If I could I would have did it without a doubt.

  • Ian Osuna

    So sorry I couldn’t donate at the moment, I haven’t got a card at the moment. But I promise in the near future I will donate.

  • Ian Osuna

    Im sorry I can;t donate at the moment Im getting a card soon. But I will donate in the future. Great work Evan!

  • I feel bad not giving money for this but at the time I don’t have that much money to spare so when I get my credit card ill be sure to pay 😉

  • Sam

    Like everyone else, I would donate but trying to raise money of my own at the moment! But all the fonts and your work is inspirational and love your style of design!

  • I really want this font

  • Radoi Denis Mirel

    I want to donate but my parents won’t let me

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