Cleaner Font

Sep 17th, 2013


The font “Cleaner” is available for downloading. Font may be used for personal & commercial projects.
If used for commercial stuff, please consider donating some money.
Do not re-distribute or re-sale.

Enter your email below (and optional name-your-price donation or $0 for free) and a download link will be emailed to you. Thanks!

  • Am i allowed to use this font on my website.
    BTW i am a big fan of your work

  • Jonathan

    I’m sorry I couldn’t donate but could I use it as a font for thumbnails.

  • Mikawe

    Not able to donate at the moment but I do highly appreciate the font.

  • Great font Evan. Love your channel and the content you make! Couldn’t donate this time, but I definitely want to!

  • Daniel

    Cant donate at the moment but love this font!

  • Love you’re work my friend. I will be following you from now on and donating to your cause periodically. Thank you from aograffix .



  • Riley Hooper

    I can’t donate right now but once I can I definitely will! Your work is incredible!

  • Thanks Evan your awesome at graphics and drawings, you inspired me to do graphics my self! thanks so much <3 could you please check my website aswell to see the graphics i made? i would really appreciate it!

  • Danny


  • thanks

  • I cant donate atm. Broke as hell. Sorry, Evan, but i love your works ;D

  • Kakesu iNK

    Sorry that I couldn’t donate, but I definitely will donate or buy something in the future.
    Absolutely love your’ work man, keep it up!

  • It doesnt send me download link

  • Void Whale (The Void Whale)

    Really wanted to donate, but I’m a student so I can’t afford much atm. Will use this for my graphical design exam though. Gonna show my appreciation someday

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