September 2007

I just got done wrapping up another theme called "Gotham Nights." This theme/template is a bit more basic in layout compared to Humidor, but has a nice little tabbed section to organize site content. It uses some jquery effects, and

One of the main reasons why I wanted to re-design this site, was to make the previous design available as a wordpress theme. That's right, the design that was seen in Smashing Magazine's "50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006" is now available as a theme for you to use. Feel free to edit it, add to, remove parts, whatever you see fit.

Download version 1 now »

Humidor screenshot

The theme has a lot of parts already built-in that can be edited pretty easily. For instance, one of the most popular elements of the design was the tabbed menu towards the top. By default, only the front page (home) tab is shown, but with some minor css and html tweaks, the image used for the tabs also has an "about," "contact," and "archives" tabs.